A maintenance program is a great way to ensure peak performance of your heating and cooling system.  Scheduled regular maintenance will help to prevent unnecessary breakdowns, maximize efficiency, and extend the life of your equipment. Many manufacturers ask for maintenance history when a warranty claim is in question.

A typical Sunvale Maintenance Agreement includes two scheduled visits per year. During these visits we will change your filters, clean your equipment inside and out, wax any outdoor equipment, and thoroughly check the overall operation of your system.  If we find anything that needs attention, we will bring our findings to you and we can have a discussion about how you would like to proceed. 

Commercial maintenance agreements are also available.

As a Sunvale Maintenance Agreement holder you may also take advantage of the following perks:


Emergency Service Upgrade.  In the unfortunate event you are in need of urgent service, you will be moved ahead of non members. 

Members Discounts.  As a member you will receive Loyal Customer Discounts off repairs and upgrades.

Locked In Pricing.  Maintain your Maintenance Agreement, and your renewal price never changes. 



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